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2009 was a great year for Fishing!

According to this article, there was an increase in fisherman in 2009. Which begs the question, has the horrible Economy helped motivate people to Fish more? Many Americans are out of jobs so why not spend that extra free time fishing? I know most days I sit in my...

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Water Temp Tips

I have loved fishing since I was little. I would often get confused as to why one day I would catch tons of fish and another time I would get skunked. Well here is a tip that I learned a while ago that will help you catch more fish.  Knowing the water temperature is...

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You Might Be Surprised!!

Most Bass anglers that fish waters with lily pads and high aquatic vegetation are armed with an arsenal of weedless Frogs.  Frogs such as the Manns, The Frog, are used in even the thickest of vegetation; because of its upturned hooks and floating plastic body the frog...

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Spring-Time Bassin’

Spring is here and the water is warming up.  This is my favorite time of year to head to my favorite bass lake and test my tackle out. May is the best month for explosive strikes from topwaters, most of the large  post-spawn females are moving to deeper water while...

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Trout Smokin’ Rapala

A few weeks ago I took half of a day and went up to Deer Creek Reservoir to see what I could catch. I had asked around a few weeks prior and was assured that the lake had thawed from its ice-over, so I began making my game-plan on which spot I would go to and what I...

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